Seek truth and report it

As journalists, that’s what we have the privilege and obligation to do. We are truth seekers.

This website was created by Ellen Jean Hirst, as her honors thesis, during her senior year at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She earned degrees in journalism and psychology with a minor in Spanish. During her last year at the college newspaper, the Daily Nebraskan, Ellen was the associate news editor and helped coach young reporters on how to reach their journalistic dreams. Her personal website is

This site is meant to help aspiring journalists with moderate-to-no previous journalism experience become “rock stars” in the field.

It takes 10,000 hours to become obtain a level of mastery, according to Malcolm Gladwell in his book “Outliers.” A student newspaper is often where you start putting in your hours.

So take your time. Look through this site. Take some quizzes. Do some quality journalism.

*All entries are written by Ellen Jean Hirst. Some were adapted from personal notes and handouts from the May 2011 Chips Quinn Scholars Program and years of notes from former Daily Nebraskan editors.

Life is a string of stories waiting to be told.

     – Ellen Jean Hirst


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